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inspiring that was and learning about the students and the education. just you know that it takes something like that make changes in the district. and i'm also concerned about just about mostly about student engagement and having enough students because the friday there were only 3 students out of a hundred i guess it should be a much higher number this and that. they're the number one stakeholders in the district so it's important we engage students more than we have in the future and i want to say the social media is a good way to do
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that. >> thank you. doctor >> i want to say the logan's remarks. i found that having the students participate was meaningful. like one of the examples was what would the high school student be in the year 20025 and they said that school would be at the 10:00 a.m. because kids need to sleep in there would be paid internships >> but really i wanted to thank the superintendant and a, of course, ms. marianna and in particular our funders.
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this wouldn't be possible without the philanthropists and those who created the basis for far-reaching thinking and it's a great start to thinking about where we want to be in 2025. it helped us to think big. the look forward to participate in the future meetings. one of the homework things was to visit classroom teachers and parents along to the next session >> yes. >> (laughter). >> i actually really enjoyed the first session the first day
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and a half and was horrify it actually was well beyond any exception and i want to commend you laura there was a lot of planning going into that and your team pulled off a great event. the panel discussions were really great because they were more reflected active of not the common voice we hear but there were some really great commentaries from people we don't interact with. the people have excited about the next part. every month we're looking forward to what we have in store. unfortunately, for you our exceptions are really, really high. but i think this also provides
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some foundational work. i said to people that for the first time we're actually geting to do a plan it's allowing us to dream. i kept hearing over and over again. there was a little bit of hesitancy saying i can say whatever i want without the bureaucracy associated that with that. it's a difficult cultship for many people in the room. it was exciting to not only be part of this conversation but to see who've you brought into the conversation >> yes. commissioner anyway's and again, along with my colleagues commend i laura.
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we've talked about our ideas but really this first envisioning session was amazing to come to fruition. if this is what our world will be like in 2025 i want to be young again in the classroom. so thank you for setting us off right and that's a what i appreciate you. i appreciate i in doing that. one thing i was telling myself i tweeted it as well. the first day session is something that happens to me when i'm in meetings with amazing people that are free flowing with ideas about weight and historic knowledge just
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coming out and dreaming as the commissioner said about what it will be like is that i always sort wish there was such a mix of community folks in the room with me because i'm so often in places i don't see regular folks who aren't elected and being philanthropic elected or in those newspapers or there's just common folks who care of about their kids. i hope in the future we have something like that where we can mix it up and mix it up so we blend together and they can experience some of the things we experience. and i want to say a bit of
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privilege i get to have. i'm hoping you can incorporate that and it truly, truly will make that a public sf he u.s. d and i'm hoping that can happen. i trust in you and in your vision to help us get driver's license. i know if i mention it and say it you'll do everything without the superintendant to make a reality. so thank you >> mr. superintendant. >> thank you, president norton i've got the web address. www dot u.s. sf d back slash unback slash about - u.s. d back
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slash - dot m t s l. i'm not going to repeat that >> and i also so i also want to comment about how much we appreciate the boards active involvement and how much we appreciate the comments we've heard from everyone from our teachers union to our students representatives to our community members who have taken a look around the room and saying who isn't in the room the only time i want to know absolutely certain is whether when i'm going under surgery. how do we make this best estimate and folks are thinking who should be part of this tells
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me that our stakeholders are very much invested so we thank the folks for the feedback and he hopefully, he folks are seeing what we're hearing our seeing in the development of the process. this is hard work and scarey work but the right work for the community. ms. way >> i wanted to thank you because of the great experience and some of the students and i agree school was just like the meeting we had. >> we're going to work on it. >> we're around the people who are talking about what we're compassionate about and it was interesting. so thank you >> thank you that's a really great comment. i'm going to leave it there.
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thank you very much >> it is ms. marion. >> all right. we will move on to the next item. which is item n. consent calendar resolutions removed none. item o which was seconded i want to remind everyone outreaching madam clerk, please call the roll. >> and a ms. - there's one more correction we need to announce. resolution k one, two on page 91 the dates of service reads july 2nd, 2013, through june 30th, 2014, the dates are
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october 23rd through june 20th, 2013, >> it's not retroactive. >> with that, we will call for roll call (calling names) abstain on 2 c 13 b the eight nominated organization only and i'd like to abstain on 1310 dash 13 k 33. >> thank you (calling names) on all except i'm abstaining the
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11th named organization optional. >> thank you. >> we will now move on the consent calendar there are no actions and finally, there's moved to item q. this is item 13022 f public works one authorization to grant or ask for the charter school may i hear a motion and second please. so moved >> thank you. i'm going to refer this to those budget committees >> i do have a number of speaker cards on this item. to members we allow a total of 5 minutes on first reading items.
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i'm not to call our items and the timer is for 5 minutes. before you set the timer i'm going to call the names (calling names) i apologize if i miss pronounce our name. and when everybody's in line oh. okay precede thank you >> good evening thank you for the opportunity i'm the coordinator the education support. i would like to begin by appreciating all of you who carefully reviewed our petition. we have grateful we had the
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opportunity to serve a difference group of students in the wonderful city of santa fe san francisco. we continue support all our students this year is an exciting time for public education with the recommendation of the impending role out. we've been provided great opportunities. the local funding formula will allow us greater responsibility to make sure we're providing technically rich education. at the chapter school we're excited to prepare the citizens for the 21st century. the arts and curriculum we foster the learning and innovation schools. please accept our warm invitation to come and visit our
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city hall school and see all the wonderful learning experiences each and every day >> hi, i'm here to support the charter reluctant. i'm a parent of 3. i have a second and sixth grader and one csa graduate who is successful at the school of the arts. i'm a board member and want to say a few words. i will describe maybe in four terms which is the diversity, the exclusiveness and the commitment of the community. which i xernsdz first hand when i moved here two years ago with 2 of my three children not speaking one word of english and
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they didn't have the english learn program but yet their influenced and integrated and very welcomed and embraced by everyone there. i also experiences this commitment everyday at the school and side solidarity when i'm working on the board when 7 of the 89 parents are there when i worked with the family association and when i see how every parents and family puts in 40 hours of volunteer work at the school to make an it work >> my name is scott. my sons and i have been part of the creative arts family since 2004 when my oldest son entered kindergarten. by the time each of them had
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entered kindergarten it was pretty clear that special education was going to be in the works and low and behold two of them have a special needs. i suspected that. i was afraid that a private school would let my boys fall through the crack and 10 years later i'm happy to say i was wrong. my boys have received all the tools to make them successful. i believe believed that cac s arts destruction has been a support for the abides. i've also felt the incredible
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support from the staff and i'm here to declare the strong support for the reluctant of our charter. i'm monica my son goes to the charter school. cac helped to get my child to accept the challenges that are required of him in high school. cac provides my child with the safe learning investment. he's bend and it gives him a deeper understanding of what he's learning. sorry >> that is the time. why don't you take 30 seconds okay. and finish up >> i've been with the school for 17 years.
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my mid son that's dix election and he's good evening to be a paramedic in june. i charred the committee and we advocated for affirmative action and we helped build the state of color >> indict to everything everywhere everything they said. their inclusive of all students and provide a krur78 that's noted easily found in other schools and their members of the uc sf
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>> we will now move on to item r for the first reading there's none this evening and item s the board dlekts and any other reports. >> will you start united states off and i. >> i previously property our october 7th we voted on a positive recommendation inform the action item for the first breakfast to the classroom. we had two items college and career readiness for the project labor agreement internships and we heard an update on the poor waiver. i wanted to mention the other committee i chair would i want be meeting until early next year february
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>> mr. haney. can you give us a report from the rules policy and legislation committee? >> yes. and i'm asking mr. davis to come up for that there's some clarification on that. sow there were tow issues on the agenda for the rules policy and legislation committee that meet on october 1, '67. one was to review the which we weren't school understanding and the other was related to the sense and advisory committee evolutions. i'm going to ask the gentleman to gusts an update he has for clarity on it.
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for those two items on the first, the rules committee did review the operational memoranda of in evidence and fourteen for our charter schools the committee decided to recommend to the superintendent that the agenda be recommended to require the san francisco unified school district to follow the guidelines in the 2014 and 15 and subsequent years. any questions on that? >> and then horrify general - and a second one on the citizen advisory committee was the appointment for the committee and we had some questions around
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the legal aspect. >> so the general question was the staff should conduct a random drawing to match each the seats to the q ta to a commissioner and that that commissioner would then have the ability to appoint a new member to that committee when this seat becomes vacant. >> that was my understanding but that wasn't our understanding was it commissioner? >> so i think as i left that meeting my understanding was that we would appoint each commissioner a seat but also, if the seat had a person in it and i'll be quiet frank and that
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person appointed wasn't what the commissioner i don't speak for myself i'd be looking for someone who was a painter or african-american i didn't see that combination recommend in the current mile-per-hour so to say if the seat appointed to me didn't match up for what i would be looking for i could potentially have a conversation with the person in the seat and discuss that with them and hopeful that person citing in that seat would be awe memorable to my appointment and asking them to step down. this is my example of what i understood. i'm using myself of what i'm looking for in the membership of that committee. but i also thought we were going
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to have some more discussion or go to the legal department but first of all, it would be a very casual conversation of someone sitting in that seat. >> yeah, so i think that was part of the issue the other question that was unresolved there was some legal question as to whether or not we could remove that person or we would have in general that authority by in this particular case it would come back to the rules committee or that the board would allow if you were assigned a term and the person who curling holds the term to ask that person to leave and appoint somebody in their place before
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the term was up. >> well, let me add my understanding to this understanding we just got. my understanding was that absolutely we did discuss the possibility of having a conversation. the interpretation that ms. pullman at least had of the current board policy there's no provision for the bona fide board to remove members that are confirmed by the board. we confirmed the current folks but the interpretation was that the board would have to vote as a board to remove the person from the committee. we all agreed there is a process for removing somebody so we did ask ms. pullman to draft the
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policy to clarify the issue. but mime interpretation was of the current q ta members that should that person or any commissioner have a conversation with the person and that person not wanting to step down until the commissioner who holds the seat leaves the board >> if i may i had that understanding as well. i said that it would be a conversation between the commissioner and the person sitting in the seat >> we said absolutely and it's perfectly appropriate to have that conversation. >> so in this case you couldn't remove the person by have a conversation with the person urging them to resign.
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>> asking them very politely. >> but you could not formally ask them to leave. >> i wasn't insnaut anything but again to let ms. random i don't know who i would get in this straw at the seat number of 7 i might get 7 or one but either way i would be looking for a reputation of concern values if he had had drawn the straw if i choose to have the conversation with the person in the seat but i'd have an opportunity to do so. >> so to clarify what we're talking about there are current
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men's on the board and there's one open seat - >> excuse me. can i talk about how those folks were poimd. >> they were appointed by full board. now we are going to each get individual appointments. now there are 6 folks that are on at different times we're going to since there's 7 seats we're going to do a random drawing and each of us are going to be assigned to those terms but we're attached to those terms so when their terms are up that's when i get the appointment >> and the reason is why is because we're trying to assign ourselves with the policy and
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that structure doesn't lion with our board policy. >> it's one of the things that the devil is totally in the details as your discovering. we thought it was going to be a relatively quick discussion and it doesn't go that way >> we discuss that for two hours. do you very specific questions commissioner mcdonald >> so i'm sorry to have missed that meeting (laughter). >> it sounds like it was rocking and rolling. but i'm inquiring how many people are on this committee >> 6. >> 6. >> well, the maximum is 7. >> yeah. >> sorry there's also provision for 2 superintendant appointments so actually is it brings to total 9. >> so

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